The Nintendo Switch Indie Games of 2022

It’s been a difficult year for all of us and that includes the gaming industry. Still, here we are at the start of the year, with enough games beyond the horizon to drag us through it again this year. Which games these are may come from an unexpected angle for many.

With a great year for gamers behind us, as always, it’s time to look wide-eyed to what games await us in 2022. It would be easy to write a full page here about why Elden Ring or Breath of the Wild 2 (I still have hope) will most likely be ‘Game of the year’, pat myself on the shoulder in satisfaction and get on with my day. Today, however, I want to put something else in the spotlight, which is the Indie games.

Nintendo released a video just before the end of the year showing what the best-selling indie titles have been over the past year. I watched with pride ééone of my favorite titles was in there, namely Axiom Verge 2. This is special because Axiom Verge has flown under the radar for many. What are inclusion on this list more than deserved makes. The rest of the list is also filled with quality games, which leaves me with a sense of enthusiasm with the question; which games are waiting for us this year?


Fortunately, this question was answered in early December with the Indie World prpresentation of Nintendo, which was full of interesting but above all unexpected games. In the coming year you can look forward to Aliisha: The Oblivion Of Twin Goddesses, Loco Motive, River City Girls 2, OlliOlli World and Sea of ​​Stars which is guaranteed to strike a sensitive yet welcoming chord for many JRPG fans. There are games for every kind of gamer and the best thing of all is that you can play all the above games before the summer of this year. If this has somewhat aroused your interest and you are curious about the complete list, I have listed them all below for you.

Aliisha: The Oblivion Of Twin Goddesses

Loco Motive

River City Girls 2

OlliOlli World

Sea of ​​Stars

After love EP

Dungeon Munchies

Figure 2: Creed Valley

Let’s Play! Oink Games

Endling – Extinction Is Forever


Don’t Starve Together

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Baby Storm


Gerda: A Flame In Winter


Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery


These are just the indie games that we know for sure coming to Nintendo Switch. Given the popularity of these games on Nintendo’s hybrid console, this is bound to grow!