The Playstation 2021 wrap-up is available

The end of the year is already more dominated by looking back, especially in the field of entertainment. Playstation also gives you a nice look back at the year, in the form of a wrap-up

The wrap-up gives you a nice overview of all the games you have played in the past year on the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 5, how many hours you have played them and how many trophies you have collected. You can also see information about the worldwide community; how many miles in total was covered in Death Stranding, or which weapon was the most popular in Returnal. Also check out the dedicated Playstation blog here.

Through this link you can you can request your own wrap-up! My most played game last year was Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Also let us know which game you have played the most.

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