The Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie filmed this incredible scene

Although Margot Robbie had a stunt double for The Suicide Squad, there is an incredible scene that she shot herself.

On August 6, The Suicide Squad hit the screen in all theaters. After the story directed by David Ayer in 2016, James Gunn released a much more interesting movie that managed to meet the expectations of the fans. This film, we entered into a very fascinating story, which featured very familiar faces.

The Suicide Squad introduces us to new characters, but it also brings us back some faces that we already saw in David Ayer’s version. For example, one of them is Harley Quinn, played again by Margot Robbie. After being part of the 2016 film and having his own solo film, the character returns to action with a version of him that is much more cheerful and away from the Joker.

Within the film, Harley Quinn will headline unforgettable scenes. Although Margot Robbie had a stunt double for several of them, there is one scene in particular that she shot herself. It is about the moment in which we see how Harley, after being captured to gather information, manages to escape by killing the man who is holding her and taking the keys with her own feet.

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She did it herself!

“She was able to immediately catch the key with her foot and then turn back to put the key in the lock in one shot,” revealed James Gunn regarding said scene from The Suicide Squad. In addition, the director confessed that he was surprised when he saw the actress perform the movements without the help of any professional. “It’s a shame because that thing is in front of him, but if you look closely you can see that it is Margot”, he assured.

In addition to the big reveal about Harley Quinn, James Gunn also praised Margot Robbie: “She is probably my favorite actress of all the ones I have worked with (…). What’s so cool about Margot is that she’s so good on so many different levels. She is a fantastic actress, a fantastic comedian and also a fantastic athlete. Being able to create Harley with all those different qualities makes it easier for me. “