The Suicide Squad: Why does Harley Quinn see flowers when she fights?

The Suicide Squad gave us great scenes of Harley Quinn. But some fans wonder, why did the character see flowers when fighting?

After so much waiting, The Suicide Squad finally reached theaters around the world and on the HBO Max platform. James Gunn’s version presents us with a very bloody, violent, funny and bizarre story. Undoubtedly, a film that is very far from the creation of David Ayer, which did not receive much praise. Still, both films have something in common: Harley Quinn.

The Suicide Squad features Harley Quinn, again played by Margot robbie. Although we have already seen the character in two previous films, in this version of James Gunn we will find another facet of the villain. We will see a Harley Quinn who is far from the Joker and who is not focused on him or his breakup.

Within the film, we will find great scenes of Harley Quinn. However, there is one in particular that caught the attention of many fans and some of them did not fully understand it. We talk about that scene where Harley fights the soldiers and flowers appear all over the place. Why?

The explanation

Watch out, there are spoilers! After being with President Luna and making the decision to assassinate him with one shot, Harley Quinn is captured and mistreated by General Mateo Suárez. However, the character ends up escaping and confronts several soldiers, successfully killing them all. As we watch this scene, it can be seen that flowers and birds begin to appear everywhere.

Producer Peter Safran and production designer Beth Mickle spoke about the scene in The Suicide Squad: “There is an idea that we are going to explore and we will see how it works,” Mickle begins. “The idea is that there is a ‘Harley Vision’, in terms of the way she sees the world and things and possibly with animated flowers and little birds. She is very happy, so we explored some ‘concept-art’ to see how that could be and how we will do it in the movie. Used in moderation, but I think effectively ”, they comment.

“Just the juxtaposition of that with an incredibly violent action scene that is happening at the same time as part of their escape.”Safran concludes. Without a doubt, Harley Quinn gave us an incredible action scene and a fight worth seeing, but always true to her style.

The Suicide Squad is in theaters and on HBO Max. James Gunn’s film has grossed more than $ 72 million worldwide.