There were no Dragon Age dragons originally, says former developer

Former BioWare developer and Dragon Age: OriginsLeading environmental artist, Ian Stubbington, revealed to TheGamer that not only dragon era didn’t originally contain dragons, the game’s title came from a random name generator.

“Early, dragon era had no name,” Stubbington told TheGamer’s Cian Maher. “There were some ideas, but nothing concrete, so it was decided that one of the coders would make a fast random name generator. They whipped something up and added a whole bunch of fantasy words to the list. It was fired and produced a number of names and the one that got the final vote from the team at the time was of course ‘dragon era.’”

At that point, lead writer David Gaider figured out that: dragon era should actually have dragons somewhere in the story.

“Yes, originally dragon era was a fantasy world that was kind of… past the ‘high fantasy’ stage,” Gaider added. “Magic was waning and dragons were eradicated. The big story in Dragon Age: Origins was not just that the darkspawn returned, but that this was the unexpected return of a fantastic past that the setting had thought had been left behind.”

Origin writer Jay Turner revealed that “dragon era‘ it sounded ‘pretty generic’ but the team eventually got used to the title.

Dragon Age 4 is currently under development. Reports suggest it is on track for release in 2023. BioWare has said the game is working hard and will reveal more information when it’s ready.

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