These Final Fantasy Tactics Bring Art Figures That Make Us Crave a Remake

Final Fantasy Tactics is getting some love from Square Enix with the upcoming release of three Bring Arts figures. Agrias, Delita and Ramza have been announced as part of the line and come with a standard, multiple hands and a unique weapon. These figures are all available for pre-order on Japan’s Square Enix e-store and will be released between July and September 2022.

Pre-order the Final Fantasy Tactics Bring Arts figures

At the time of writing, the Final Fantasy Tactics Bring Arts figures are only available for pre-order on Japan’s Square Enix e-store. Sometimes these numbers get an international release, and others don’t. Unfortunately, the Japanese e-store does not ship internationally. Those who have their heart set on them should use a proxy service.

Each figure is ¥9,680 (about $84) and will be released on the following dates (subject to change):

These numbers will go fast and Japanese collectibles rarely get a second run. So be sure to pull the trigger quickly if they catch your eye.

Opinion: Final Fantasy Tactics should be the next big remake for Square Enix

Final Fantasy Tactics has an excellent story and it would be great to see it play out in full scale. I’d love to see it upgraded to a mainline Final Fantasy title with a full remake. It would be nice to get another translation as well. I liked the original PS1 localization, but there were issues. I’m not a fan of The War of the Lions Shakespeare’s version of the script, so getting a definitive and comprehensive story would be ideal.

Hopefully, this new merchandise signals that we’ll at least get a remaster in the near future. The title is available on mobile but not on PS4, PS5 or even PC, which is disappointing and needs to be fixed.