They compare Tom Hardy’s Venom to Topher Grace’s. Which one is better?

We have already seen two versions of Venom in the movies, those played by Tom Hardy and Topher Grace. But… which one is your favorite?

The first time that Venom stormed the cinema was in Spider-man 3 (2007) of Sam raimi. On that occasion, Eddie brock was played by Topher grace and did not quite like the fans of the comics of Marvel. Even the director said on occasion that he was forced to use the character by pressure from the film studio. In 2018 we were able to see the version of Tom hardy that has liked more, although it also has its detractors. But they have released the sequel and it seems that there will be a trilogy and that it will also face the Spider-man from Tom holland.

So we could say that we have a clear winner in this comparison. But surely there are opinions for all tastes.

Which of the two is better?

Now, it has been Todd McFarlane who has wanted to compare the two versions of Venom. He was commissioned to create his look for the comics of Marvel. Therefore it is an authorized voice.

Well, to be fair, I think we’re talking about a bit of apples and oranges. I don’t think it’s a direct comparison. And that’s why I say that. The first movie was a Spider-Man movie, in which he was a villain, and you’re not supposed to support the villain, right? And in that case, the villain, the bad guy, so to speak, was that visually, I thought he could have been much more imposing… Much more impressive.

Then he was the bad guy. And to me, I didn’t think he was as tough as you could have. Fast forward to now and what they are trying to achieve with Tom Hardy’s Venom. Eddie Brock, it’s … He’s not the bad guy anymore. He’s the guy you’re supporting. And he gets his two hours of screen time, instead of being the guy you expect to get beat up in the end. And you can develop it a little more. And by the way, it is much more imposing, visually, on screen.

And so I think it is, I think it favors Tom Hardy over Topher Grace, because you keep going. He’s the leader, he’s a nice guy, and he looks super badass, right? So I think they were trying to achieve two different things in both. It is not a direct comparison that they are the same character.

What is your opinion on the two versions of Venom? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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