They didn’t want Wolverine to be Canadian.

Wolverine has always been from Canada, but they wanted to change his nationality in the 2000 X-Men movie.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the golden age of superhero cinema began, which still lasts today. The first films to stand out were X Men (2000) and spider-man (2002). Now the screenwriter of the mutants’ feature film debut, David Haytersay what 20th Century Fox I didn’t want that Wolverines was Canadian, but he did not want to change his nationality.

David Hayter It is Canada and it was very important to him how they represented Wolverinesas he explained in a recent interview:

“By the way, one of the proudest moments I had on the first movie was when they called me into one of the producers’ offices and they said, ‘Hey…can we find Wolverine in Alaska instead of Alberta and make it American? I knew this would come, but I was ready. I told them: Everyone knows that Wolverine is Canadian and the fans will kill them. I had no power in this situation, but I stood my ground and he remained Canadian. However, I don’t like to call myself a true Canadian hero. I leave that to others.”

Screenwriter David Hayter has been heavily involved with comic book adaptations.

After X Menreturned to the franchise writing the script for X Men 2 (2003), where Wolverines became very important again. But it was not related to the third installment X-Men 3: The Final Stand (2006) and it may be noticeable because it lowered the quality of the plot. She then worked on the film adaptation of Watchmen from director Zack Snyder in 2009 and also lends his voice to Solid Snake in the video game franchise metalgear by Konami.

“Of course we all got fired after X2 because FOX wanted to hit an arbitrary date.” Said David Hayter. “However, I saw all the movies because X-Men was a big part of my life. Some later elements were great and some not so great. I really loved X-Men: Days of Future Past and Logan, I thought, was epic. It was everything we wanted to do in the past, but we couldn’t because it was PG-13.”

Now Wolverines will return to Marvel Studios and they will have to hire a new actor to replace Hugh Jackman. Meanwhile, you can see all the movies of the X Men on Disney Plus.