They explain why Marvel Studios is more successful than DC Comics

There is a big difference in grossing between Marvel Studios and the DC Comics movies and now we have a compelling explanation.

David S. Goyer has become an expert in superhero movies, having worked on Blade (1998), Batman Begins (2005), Man of steel (2013) or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Now, you have explained why Marvel studios be more successful than Dc comics.

“I think one of the problems is that Marvel Studios has had consistent leadership for the last 15 years or more, while DC Comics has not.” David S. Goyer said in a recent interview. “There have been all these changes in terms of who runs DC Comics. That is fundamentally very difficult. It’s hard to move forward when leadership is changing. “

David S. Goyer gives another very important clue.

The writer recalled that Marvel studios it is usually quite faithful to the original material. Since the characters look and act similar to how they do in comics, something that fans usually like a lot.

“One of the other things that has made these films incredibly successful is that all of their adaptations are true to the original material. Ant-Man feels like Ant-Man. Hulk feels like Hulk. They don’t try to change things. ” The writer added. “I would say, the best thing is to try to get closer to the original intention. So, it’s having a consistent universe, having consistent leadership and staying true to the original material. “

The movies of Marvel studios Y Dc comics deliveries continue to premiere and it will be necessary to check if there is still such a difference in collection or things are becoming more and more equal. A battle that fans of both franchises benefit from.

The movies of Dc comics can be seen in HBO Max and those of Marvel studios in Disney Plus.