They filter one of the realities that we will see in Doctor Strange 2 (SPOILERS)

Doctor Strange 2 is titled the Multiverse of Madness, so we can intuit that there will be numerous realities that we will see in the film and we already know at least one.

Of all the movies of Marvel studios that will be released in 2021, 2022 and 2023, without a doubt the most intriguing is Doctor Strange 2, since they will present the multiverse, a concept they have previously played with in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) and WandaVision (2021) but that they have not yet explored and has infinite possibilities.

As the title itself indicates, Doctor Strange 2 It will take us on a crazy journey through different realities. One of them, will be a very well known by fans of comics, it is “Earth-616”. This leak has emerged thanks to a listing on the talent agency Spotlight. One of your clients, Jon prophet, you have changed your information and you have written that you will play a “New Yorker-616” on Doctor Strange 2.

Jon prophet has a great filmography where it stands out Wonder Woman 1984, Lady’s gambit, Anamorphosis or The Love You Find Online.

The importance of the Universe or Reality 616.

“616” It is definitely a number that will ring true to comic book fans. Since it is the Marvel Main Universe where the original versions of iconic superheroes live like Spider-man, the Avengers, X Men Y The Fantastic Four. It was once described as “The last of the old, first of the new. The axis on which everything turns. Here, science can be magic. Here, we can rewrite each story “.

If in the Sorcerer Supreme sequel we visit the Earth-616, that may mean that you will most likely cross paths with classic versions of comic book characters when Stan Lee, Steve Ditko Y Jack kirby they were making the decisions at the publisher.

Doctor Strange 2 It will be released on March 25, 2022. It will be then when we discover all the surprises that have been prepared for us. While we wait, we can watch the rest of the movies of Marvel Studios on Disney +.