They filter the Captain America costume that Falcon will wear

Actor Anthony Mackie who plays Sam Wilson / Falcon, from now on will be the new Captain America and his costume is spectacular.

The movie Avengers: Endgame (2019) meant the end of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) as Captain America, since he decided to stay in the past with Peggy carter (Hayley Atwell) and living a full life with his beloved. For this reason, he is currently an old man who gives his shield as a legacy to Sam Wilson / Falcon.

Attention SPOILERS. At Marvel Cinematic Universe the new Captain America should be Sam Wilson / Falcon, but the United States Government does not trust him completely, since he was a fugitive after the Civil war. Therefore, in the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier at the beginning the new Captain America be John walker (Wyatt Russell). Although his attitude will not be the best, since he is much more violent and cruel than Steve Rogers. But he is also part of a great conspiracy without knowing it, so Falcon and the Winter Soldier must learn to work as a team to save the world.

While we wait for the series to premiere, they have leaked the appearance of Falcon in the Captain America costume.

The suit is very reminiscent of the comics.

Few changes have been made to the appearance of the character compared to the comics. The red, white, and blue wings are pretty cool and this figure makes it clear that the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe will soon have a Captain America very different. Sam is not leaving behind his roots as a Falcon, but he continues to represent what Steve Rogers stands for.

Hopefully the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier of Disney + be as shocking as it promises and that we see the transformation of Sam Wilson / Falcon in the new Captain America.