They filter the character that Chris Hemsworth will play in Mad Max: Furiosa

Very interesting details of the role of Chris Hemsworth in the movie Mad Max: Furiosa that will be released in 2024 have been revealed.

For some time now, it has been confirmed that the veteran director George Miller Direct to Mad Max: Furiosaa prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. the character of Imperator Furiosa who gave life in 2015 the actress Charlize Theronthis time will be played by Anya Taylor-Joy (Queen’s Gambit, Last Night in Soho). Also in the cast will also be Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke.

Now, Kyle Buchananreporter for New York Times ensures that Chris Hemsworth will play the main villain of the post apocalyptic movie and also ensures that his name will be Doctor Dementus. This fits with information from a while ago in which they claimed that Mad Max: Furiosa it would have a villain who was incredibly handsome and sported an angel’s face, marked by a deep gash on his forehead sewn up with shiny chrome staples. This rules out her playing a young Immortal Joe. Although the character could still appear, but with another actor bringing him to life.

Other details that we know about the film is that the story, instead of lasting a few days like previous installments, will have a plot that will last a few years. Since we have to see how the young furious becomes the tough warrior of Mad Max: Fury Road. And it is not ruled out that they show us how she lost her arm. Since until now we only know that he went in a battle following the orders of Immortal Joe.

Let’s hope they start shooting the movie soon and we see the first images of the vehicles and the aesthetics that the actors will use. While, Anya Taylor-Joy He has already shared on his social networks how he is learning to drive at high speeds for the film. Besides, I’m sure Chris Hemsworth it will put you in a spectacularly shaped state. Although he is very busy, since he will premiere Thor: Love and Thunder, spider-head, extraction 2 and a biopic of Hulk Hogan.

Mad Max: Furiosa It will premiere on May 27, 2024.