They filter the connection between Wonder Woman 1984 and the movie Batgirl

They are currently shooting the Batgirl movie that belongs to the DCEU and images that connect with Wonder Woman 1984 have been leaked.

At the end of 2022, we will be able to see in hbo max the movie batgirl starring Leslie Grace What Barbara Gordon. They are currently in full filming and images of the shocking villain have been leaked Garfield Lynns / Firefly (Firefly) who is played by Brendan Fraser. In addition, they have confirmed that the Batman from Michael Keatonbut there is also a connection with Wonder Woman 1984the movie of Gal Gadot which was released in theaters in late 2020.

According to leaked images, we can see a company van ‘Stagg Enterprises’. This company belonged to simon stagg which was played by Oliver Cotton on Wonder Woman 1984. In the film, we can see how simon stagg is an investor Black Gold Cooperative property of Max Lord (Peter Pascal) but then he realizes it’s some kind of pyramid scheme and demands his money back. With the power of the Wishing Stone, Max Lord get them to arrest simon staggthough by the end of the film everyone gives up their wishes, including Max Lordso you have to think that simon stagg It is released.

On Wonder Woman 1984Simon Stagg is already of advanced age and as batgirl is set in the present day, the character will likely be deceased by now. But we know that the company continued and did not go bankrupt after the arrest and the worldwide incident with the Wishing Stone.

The DCEU is getting more and more connected.

Attention SPOILERS. It seems that Warner Bros. / DC Comics they are betting on making a more unified Cinematic Universe. Since there is now a connection in batgirl from Wonder Woman 1984but also Michael Keaton What Batman will also be in Flash (2022) and in the series peacemaker we could see a brief cameo of the members of the League of Justice.

So we will have to wait for more surprises and connections in Black Adam, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.