They pressure Marvel to make this Spider-Man movie

Fans are pushing Marvel to develop this Spider-Man movie after the huge success of No Way Home.

What a surprise! No way home It has achieved something that we never thought we would see. And it is that, after twenty years of the beginning of the saga, the fans are now pressing so that Sam raimi make a fourth movie with him Spider-man from Tobey Maguire Y Marvel is forced to do so. Pressure, as happened with Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueIt will be done through social networks and a coordinated hashtag.

The launch of this digital event want to do trending topic the hahstag # MakeRaimiSpiderMan4. In fact, they also hope to get the director of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness release the director’s cut of the maligned Spider-Man, following in the footsteps of the hashtags #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and the current #RestoreTheSnyderVerse.

It seems that this asking for hahstags has become fashionable, to the point that they are even requesting the director’s cut of Joel schumacher with Batman forever. However, what this new hahstag aims to achieve is to force Marvel to make possible the premiere of a fourth film of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, in addition to the supposed director’s cut from the end of the trilogy.

What could we get to see in this new spider movie?

Since the Sam Raimi franchise was canceled, fans have supported a continuation, although the truth is that it was diluted with the passage of time. When it premiered Spider-man 3 In 2007, Sony Pictures began working on the fourth film with the intention of releasing it in 2011 and rumors that even pointed to a fifth installment of the saga.

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A priori, the script was in charge of James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) and Tobey Maguire was expected, Kirsten Dunst and other actors from the trilogy will return to the film. Of course, there would be many novelties, both actors and actresses and villains other than the gallery of the Wall-crawler.

Some characters that were rumored were The alligator (which later appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man) and also The vulture Y Mystery, who we have seen in the movies of Marvel studios. Therefore, to one day have a Spider-man 4 with Tobey Maguire it would be without counting on the script that James Vanderbilt wrote at the time. Would you like to get to see it?