This actor had a hard time being cast in Avatar

One of the actors in Avatar: The Last Warrior confessed to being sorry for being part of the production. Find out who he was and what he said.

Live-action series or animated products have always been a weakness for cinema. However, over the years they have insisted on producing several of them. One of the most remembered, but not precisely for its quality, was the version of Avatar: The last Warrior.

Furthermore, the experience was not only traumatic for fans of the series of Nickelodeon that was so acclaimed. On the contrary, the cast also suffered with the realization of it. A case of this is that of the actor Dev patel, who gave life to the villain, the prince Zuko.

The British artist of Indian descent had a career on the rise, as he was the protagonist of Slumdog Millionaire, with which he caught the eye of all the awards, critics and spectators around the world. However, he thought that to enter Hollywood, The Last Airbender it would be a good opportunity.

However, that was not what he felt after participating in it. “After Slumdog (Millionaire) I really didn’t get anything. When that happened, it was a total no-brainer on the page. You know I was, may he rest in peace Andrew Lesnie, the cinematographer of The Lord of the Rings. You had to M. Night Shyamalan Y Frank marshall and all these big names. I’m a huge fan of martial arts, so I thought, ‘Oh wow.’ I was probably wrong and the movie missed the mark. It was a very difficult process for me because (…). It was such a big machine that I was not used to with Skins and I felt a bit adrift in the sea.

This actor had a hard time being cast in Avatar

I could see that the studio was concerned that I was not performing well. It was quite a torturous experience in the sense that you know that they may have been wrong to choose you in something, And you’re not the right one for that, and I didn’t have any confidence and I didn’t know how to apply what I now know are my good tools as a performer, and the truth that I can contribute to a role. And somehow it proved.

(The Last Airbender) made me realize that I want to be involved in movies where you can really feel connected to the material, where it’s more tangible and you can sit down with the filmmaker and have a conversation ”, the actor pointed out. “I need tutoring. I need teaching and someone who can guide me through the process of a film. That is what I found later in my career with other filmmakers and that is what made me improve. You learn a lot of that along the way with movies like that. But for me, there was a lot of trauma (surrounding) that whole experience “, he claimed.

Now, it seems that the franchise will have a new opportunity, because Netflix works on a live action series about the Avatar universe.

Source: Total Film