This is how Benedict Cumberbatch reacted to his Oscar nomination

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor and now he reveals a funny anecdote about how he found out.

The movie of Netflix titled The power of the dog has received a bunch of oscar nominations in its best categories. What’s more, benedict cumberbatch He has a good chance of winning it for his interpretation of Phil Burbank, although he will have great rivals like Javier Bardem by Being the Ricardos, Andrew Garfield by Tick, Tick…BOOM!, Will Smith by King Richard and Denzel Washington for The Tragedy of Macbeth. Who will win? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

Now, it has been his own benedict cumberbatch who has revealed how he found out about his Oscar nomination for Best Actor:

“I think everyone knew about the Oscar nomination except me. I was asleep and didn’t turn on my phone. Last night I got an email from someone at Netflix saying, Look no matter what we’re so proud of, it’s such a great movie and such a great performance. I mean, it was a lovely, beautiful email. And I said: Oh, God, it will happen tomorrow! I’m a father of three little kids and I’m on my own, my wife is in New York, so I’m trying to get them ready for school and get them in a car, get the day going. But I realized: Oh my phone, I better check! Just as we were finishing breakfast. So I turned it on (starts laughing) and explained to three slightly confused little faces what it meant and why I was laughing and smiling so much, and they had different answers. I’m not talking about my private life, but that is something I’m willing to share. It was a lovely time to have with my children.”

The movie the power of the dog starring benedict cumberbatch Y Kirsten Dunst (has also been nominated) is currently available at Netflix.