This is how Black Widow’s final fight in reshoots changed

A member of the visual effects team from Black widow has detailed how the final fight changed with the reshoots

After several changes in the release date of Black Widow has caused the pandemic, the first film of Phase 4 of the MCU is already in theaters and on Disney +, a film in which we can finally see Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) on her first solo adventure. Like other MCU films before it, the film’s cast and crew met after principal photography had been completed to shoot additional scenes after Disney gave their thoughts on the film during test screenings.

Scarlett Johansson talks about how important the movie Black Widow is

As a result, part of the final fight between Romanoff and Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko) was one of the moments that needed more additional footage during reshoots. According to Digital Domain VFX supervisor Hanzhi Tang, the additional fight sequence was filmed on a Disney-owned set in Los Angeles. During principal photography, that sequence was shot in and around Pinewood Studios in London, meaning the film’s various VFX providers had to virtually insert the duo into a rendered background that matched that of the location with based in London.

“There were also some additional photographs months later for some of the ground shots.”Tang recently told Before and Afters. “Taskmaster’s fight with Natasha on the ground is quite different from what he originally envisioned. That new fight was filmed at the Disney Ranch in Los Angeles. They dressed the ground to look like the countryside of England, but it was more like a 20 by 20 foot patch, with a blue screen. So we needed more set extensions for this “.

Reshoots are not a bad thing according to Kevin Feige

Although reshoots have long been seen as a sign of trouble for a movie, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has gone to great lengths to call in the additional photography needed for the movies he oversees.

“’Reshoots’ was a bad word. ‘Oh, this movie is in reshoots, there must be a problem’ “Feige previously said during a panel at the New York Film Academy in 2019.

Added: “New recordings are key to our films, starting with Iron Man. We always say that we are smart filmmakers at Marvel, but we are not geniuses and the best way to give notes on a movie is to watch it. So we make the movie and say, ‘Oh yeah, no, that’s not cool. That doesn’t work, ‘and now we have a system that can be quite accurate and efficient. [Los nuevos disparos duran] sometimes a day, sometimes fifteen days, sometimes more to continue and do the best possible movement “.

Black Widow is now in theaters and on Disney + with premium access. If you haven’t tried Disney + yet, you can do it here.