This is how Henry Cavill wants to return as Superman

Will we ever see Henry Cavill as Superman again? That is a question that many of the fans of the actor and the DC Comics hero ask themselves.

We recently got to see the version of Zack snyder from League of Justice where the plot was left half because the heroes of Earth do not come to face Darkseid. For now, it seems that Warner Bros. it does not seem that that story will continue and we may not see again Henry cavill What Superman. Even so, the actor does not lose hope and has presented some ideas that would be spectacular to be able to see in the cinema.

Henry cavill is currently pressed to Warner Bros. to make a live action version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. They have recently presented the trailer for that story in animation and it will surely be shocking because we will see the most authoritarian and dictatorial version of Superman.

What is Injustice about?

Joker destroy Metropolis with an atomic bomb killing thousands of people. Also, it poisons Superman with a gas from the Scarecrow and makes him believe that Lois lane it is Doomsday, so he attacks her and kills her along with her son, since she is pregnant. At that time the Iron Man go crazy and kill the Joker in front of Batman. Admittedly, it would be great to see the Superman from Henry cavill pierce the chest to Joker from Jared Leto in front of Batman from Ben affleck.

Injustice Movie Confirms R Rating With New Trailer

After these tragic events, Sueprman decides that humanity does not deserve to be saved, but must be controlled and becomes a dictator and leader of an organization called The Regime. So, aided by some heroes and villains, he imposes terror and controls humanity. But Batman and other characters from Dc comics they reach that reality and try to combat this Superman maddened. In the end the Superman good and the Superman evil face in a fight where justice wins.

Zack snyder He already gave samples of how he could be Superman evil of Henry cavill in the visions of Batman, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to do a cover of Injustice in real action.