This is how Marvel Studios fights against stereotypes

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe wants to be more inclusive with its new films but leaving stereotypes aside.

The movie of The Eternals is one of the great bets of Marvel studios where a lot of new characters will be introduced. As they are little known from the comics, they have wanted to sign great stars to interpret them as Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Barry Keoghan, Brian Tyree Henry, Ma Dong-seok, Lia McHugh, Lauren Ridloff, Haaz Sleiman and Lucia Efstathiou.

One of the actors who has taken his participation most seriously in Marvel studios has been Kumail Nanjiani, who will play Kingo on The Eternals. He wanted to make it clear that from the beginning they fought not to enter into the stereotypes that exist about the culture and countries of South Asia and the Middle East.

“Kingo is an Eternal, which is why he has been here for thousands of years. He has these superpowers and has become a Bollywood movie star. All Eternals have been in human society to varying degrees, but he is the one who really dived in and falls in love with the trappings of modernity. And he loves being rich. He loves being famous. He loves being an Eternal. I’ve been in this industry for about a decade and looked at the usual opportunities brown guys have in movies today. “

“We got to be nerds. I wanted him to be the opposite of that, I wanted him to be cool. With nerd it goes without saying that he is weak and I wanted him to be the opposite of that and to be physically strong. But we also didn’t want him to look like a terrorist and I wanted him to be the opposite of that. I wanted this character to be full of joy in Marvel Studios. Working with Chloé, we thought, let’s take everything I haven’t been able to do and create a character that is the exact opposite of the way a lot of American pop culture views people from Pakistan or the Middle East. “

Kumail Nanjiani the eternal marvel studios

What will the movie be about?

Marvel studios presents the Eternals, which are aliens who came to Earth thousands of years ago. They have not been able to intervene in the affairs of humans even though they have great powers. Now, when a new threat arrives on the planet, they must come to light and save humanity.

The Eternals It will be released on November 5, 2021. While we wait for it to hit theaters we can see the rest of series and movies from Marvel studios on the Disney Plus streaming platform.