This is how the smart TV can be transformed into a board

Published January 17, 2022

TV board

That the interest in technology and various gadgets is growing is probably not something that is missed. New phones, televisions, tablets, games and consoles, machines and tools, robots of various kinds, and so on are coming to market. And we are seldom late in buying home all these new gadgets, especially not technical gadgets that are part of everyday life. Today, it is basically a standard that in every home you have (at least) a TV set of some kind.

The TVs are also getting bigger, smarter and nicer. This development is, to say the least, something that many people take advantage of – it is not uncommon today to see that you turn the TV into a painting while it is not in use. But how does it really work?

Take advantage of all the smart features of the TV

There is no doubt that much has happened in technology development in recent years alone. The new is always considered the absolute best, and it is often difficult to believe that in the future there may be gadgets that are even better than them.

But, so new TVs are released in neater and nicer designs, with more and smarter features and by increasing size. And then all of a sudden it is the best, and after a while this becomes a standard that becomes normal for most people.

Today, the range of smart TVs is huge. There is thus basically nothing that you can not do with the TV today. If you want, you can use the TV to stream movies and videos, to play games, to chat and surf the net, or to “light a fire”. You who want to have all the opportunities to take advantage of the TVs’ smart functions.

A TV as a board

A function that more and more people choose to take advantage of is the function that the TV can be “transformed” into, for example, a fire, a slide show or a painting. Maybe you want it to blend in better with all the other furnishings in the room, or maybe you want it to look like one of all the others posters hanging on the wall?

This is especially common if you have your TV in the kitchen or living room and think it looks ugly when it just hangs there, black and dull. To make the TV blend better into the room in question, you can then take advantage of one of these smart functions and have it automatically start a slide show or show a certain picture when it is not on and used.

Handle the technology in the best way

However, something that can be a bit of a catch with all these new, smart TVs is that for some it can feel like an impossibility to make them work the way you want. Which buttons should be pressed? Which settings should I adjust? And what features are actually important for me to know about?

If, for example, you want the TV set to be turned into a board or poster when not in use, you need to know how to set up the tv on that. There, the issue of image quality, resolution and other similar functions can also be decisive for the result. Learning how to handle technology in the best way is not difficult, but it can take some time.

There is a lot to learn and partake of

A big advantage of the technical and digital development that we see today is that there is a lot to take part in and learn for those who want to. You have every opportunity to find alternatives that suit you, your needs and wishes. You do not have to adapt to market developments, and you do not have to have a TV that can be turned into a painting or poster. But the opportunity is there!