This is the film with which Chris Pine will debut as a director

Actor Chris Pine will make his first film as a director and it will be a comedy with hints of mystery.

Chris Pine began to be a star worldwide thanks to interpreting the Captain Kirk in star trek (2009), later he has also made films like Jack Ryan: Operation Shadow (2014), the decisive hour (2016) and wonder-woman (2017). He now wants to be a director and his debut seems to be most interesting.

They have confirmed that Chris Pine will star in, write and direct the new mystery comedy Poolman. Although there is not much plot information, he will play Darren Barrenman, the person in charge of taking care of the pools at the Tahitian Tiki apartments in Los Angeles. In the distribution also stand out Danny DeVito Y Annette Benning. While in production will be Patty Jenkins (director of Wonder Woman), as well as Stacy Sher and Ian Gottler.

It will be a mix of comedy and mystery.

After the success of daggers in the back (2019), it seems that the mystery genre is becoming very popular. That is why they have described the project of Chris Pine like a new version of Chinatown (1974) by Roman Polanski, mixed with Murder on the Orient Express (2017) by Kenneth Branagh and criminals at sea (2019) starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. So there will be plenty of unknowns, quirky characters, and probably some life-altering murder for those L.A. squeezes.

While Chris Pine he will continue as an actor, since he has some interesting projects like Dungeons and Dragons (2023), based on the famous role-playing game and that promises to be a tough competitor to The Lord of the rings. will also do newsflash where he will play the CBS journalist, Walter Cronkite, who is assigned the task of reporting live on television on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Texas. Finally, he could repeat as Captain Kirk in a fourth installment of star trek.