This is why Speedy’s voice remained the same in Space Jam 2

Gabriel Iglesias, who voiced Speedy Gonzales in Space Jam 2: New Legends, explained why the character’s voice did not change.

Stereotypes or possible stereotypes are something that have caused many changes in Hollywood. Last year, for example, there was a great stir over the figure that “represented” Pepe le pew, the skunk of the Looney tunes. After decades of existence, the media insisted that the cartoon naturalized the culture of harassment and machismo, giving the French a bad name. After so much criticism, the popular being animated was censored, to the point of leaving it out of Space jam 2. Still, this almost leaves out others, like Speddy Gonzalez.

The mouse has been criticized for offering a negative model of what it is to be Mexican. Among other things, his voice has been performed by white and American actors more than once. This situation would give strength to the argument, for some, that the character is a mockery of Latin culture.

To calm the tide, the production chose the comedian and actor, Gabriel Iglesias, to personify it in the sequel in question. With this, one of the concerns was that, when the interpreter put his own voice, the public would see the change. In this way, the connection with Speedy, built for years, would be lost.

The truth behind Speedy Gonzales in Space Jam 2


Regardless, the artist was allowed to set his own tone, but he rejected the thought, seeking to stick to the original.

“When people think of Speedy Gonzales, I don’t want them to think of me, I want them to think exclusively of Speedy Gonzales.” However the comedian was objective in acknowledging that “it was quite impressive that they gave me that power“.

In addition, the team was not totally convinced that Iglesias was able to modulate his voice to emulate the original of the character, so the actor wondered “How did I get the part?” However, the answer immediately came to mind: “Oh, they needed a big brown shield.” , referring to the possible strategy that having a Latino behind the mouse would suggest. So, when asked how he finally managed it, he jokingly replied that “I have been Mexican for a long time”.

Space Jam 2: New Legends is now available in theaters and in HBO Max.

Source: The Late Show