This Week in Red Dead Online: Moonshiner Bonuses and Much More

Moonshining in Red Dead Online just got a lot more lucrative, with a deluge of new bonuses and boosts for boat legend entrepreneurs this week, along with double payouts in the latest Featured Series: Target Races, Open Target Races and Plunder, and many more.

The main points of the update are:

• Moonshiner Bonuses: 50% extra RDO $ and 2x character XP payouts on Moonshine Sales and a free Moonshine Mash Refill for login before March 1st
• A Free Treasure Map for completing a Moonshine Sale or Trader Sale
• Double RDO $ and XP at Target Races, Open Target Races and Plunder
• Last week to pick up the following limited-edition apparel: The Squat Stovepipe Top Hat, Raccoon Hat, Gator Hat, Plaid Cap, Pelt Half Chaps, Carver Pants, Eberhart Coat, Strickland Boots, Prieto Poncho, and select colorways from the Patterned Bandana
• New Discounts: 10 Gold Bars from the Moonshine Shack price, 40% off all Shirts, Corsets, Skirts and Pants, plus 30% off all Moonshiner Roll Items, Shack Upgrades, Emotes and Revolvers
• Ongoing Prime Gaming Benefits: Players connecting to Prime Gaming will receive Rewards for a free Bounty Hunter license, an Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery, plus 200x Shotgun Slugs, 5,000 Club XP, and a 50% off offer the Repeating Shotgun

Check the new ones for a more detailed explanation of this update Newswire.