This will be the first Star Wars movie for Disney Plus

Although Star Wars has expanded a lot on Disney Plus, for now they have only made series, but that will change with the movie they are preparing.

We have already seen in Disney Plus the series of The Mandalorian, the bad consignment, Visions and boba fett bookbut also, they will premiere soon Kenobi, Andor, Ahsoka Tano and the acolyte. So they have secured a lot of new content from starwars for the streaming platform.

Some of these series share a similar moment in time, since characters like The Mandalorian, Boba Fett and Ahsoka Tano They have shared a screen. That’s why they want to conclude all these adventures with a movie. The plot would revolve around the story of heir to the empire. Some key events in starwars that would tie these shows together with the movies from the last trilogy, filling in the gaps and making sense of it all.

for the story of heir to the empireit will be necessary to use some young Luke and readluckily, we have seen how they are doing the CGI rejuvenation technique better and better and obviously that will not be a problem.

What is Heir to the Empire about?

Timothy Zahn wrote the novel Heir to the Empire in 1991, this is a non-canon book set five years after return of the jedi. That is to say, more or less at the time in which the current series of starwars What The Mandalorian or boba fett book. In this story we were introduced to Grand Admiral Thrawn, a great character that we have not yet seen in real action, but who did appear in animated series. Therefore it is canon of the saga.

At the end of Star Wars RebelsThrawn stayed with Ezra Bridger and we know that both will return in the series of Ahsoka Tanoalthough they have not revealed for now what has happened to them during all that time.