Three new Star Wars games on the way

Big news today from the studio behind Apex Legends; Respawn Entertainment. They have announced that three new games are in the pipeline, including the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

In addition to the sequel to Fallen Order the studio is working on a new one first person shooter and a strategy-game. The shooter is being created under the direction of Peter Hirschmann, who previously dealt with the universe; he has in 2008 A Force Unleashed and before that to the original battlefront-games produced. The strategy game is being made in collaboration with developer Bit Reactor, which consists of former employees of Firaxis. For those unfamiliar with them, Firaxis was responsible for games like X-COM.

EA struck a huge deal with Disney in 2013, where EA would be the only one allowed to make Star Wars games. Still, they’re not the only ones currently working on a Star Wars game; this is how Ubisoft would work on a title, and Quantum Dreams announced Star Wars: Eclipse last year.

Yet this does not come as a complete surprise; Back in 2019, Respawn Entertainment already had vacancies for their Star Wars team. Nevertheless, we are excited and looking forward to more information about the games!