Tim Burton could have directed this movie

Barry Sonnenfeld, director of The Addams Family, confessed something that no one would like. In fact, his statements involved Tim Burton.

The 90s were a decade marked by a whole new generation of cinema. Comedy mixed with horror overtones and the first era of reboots of some classics framed the time. One of the examples of all of the above was The Addams Family. The film was based on a very strange and dark family that goes through common challenges. But what if … Tim Burton had directed it?

The Adventures of Gomez, Morticia and his sons, Wednesday and Pugsley, accompanied by other crazy relatives, was in charge of Barry sonnenfeld. The filmmaker was always characterized by doing the same with comedies, such as Men in Black 1 and 2 or Wild wild west.

However, the director found himself in the difficult task of confessing something that nobody would like, that he got the job because others rejected him. Even one of the strong candidates was nothing more and nothing less than Tim Burton.

The creative came from a season of successes. In fact, it was a perfect fit for the project because of the dark tone, but at the same time funny. Beetlejuice, Pee Wee, Batman and The Scissorhands Man encompassed one of the first phases of the developer’s fame.

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Despite this, Sonnenfeld confessed that “I’ll tell you they reached out to two other directors, Tim Burton and Terry gilliam, and both were really good options. But they both turned it down, so that’s how I ended up getting it. [El productor] Scott rudin he thought he wanted a visual stylist, not just a comedy director. He thought that if I can’t get Tim or I can’t get Terry, I’d get someone with a strong visual sense”.

After the premiere, the film had a sequel and later, recently an animated film. Now a sequel to the latter and the series of Netflix based on Wednesday, which Burton will direct.