Timothy’s Night is a Noire-style action-adventure game and it’s the latest PS5 exclusive

For any Play station fan concerned about the fact that Horizon Forbidden West has now been officially confirmed that it has been postponed to 2022 with the new February release date, there will be plenty more PS5 games and more specifically PS5 exclusive games, such as Timothy’s Night.

Developed and published by WildsphereIf you’ve ever thought it would be a fun time to mow down aliens with a classic 1930s tommy pistol, you’re definitely not alone, because that’s what the team behind Timothy’s Night. Resist an alien invasion as you explore this noire-style town called Little Fish City.

The few items colored in the game really stand out, and it all serves to make this stylized animation work really well to create an impressive image. What’s more, the look of the trailer makes it as fun to play as it is good to watch.

According to the developers, they took great care to actually use the DualSenses functions, implementing nearly 200 different types of haptic vibrations.

The best thing is you can jump in it Timothy’s Night now, because it’s already on the PSN shop for you to buy.

Source – [Wildsphere]