Tokyo could be postponed again

While Sony may not have made much of an appearance at gamescom this year, they’ve put together a new trailer showcasing some of their upcoming titles. The trailer, titled “Breathtaking Games”, shows just a few of the titles coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in the coming months. As is normal for Sony, they have recorded release windows for them. While most have been given dates that could be as vague as 2022, the release windows in Ghostwire: Tokyo and Gran Turismo 7, indicating that these games may have been delayed again.

The trailer also features recently released titles such as: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, Spirit of Tsushima, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. death loop is the first of the upcoming games to be released on September 14. FIFA 22 will follow on October 1 while Grand Theft Auto V coming to PS5 on November 11. Horizon Forbidden West‘s release date was revealed just a few days ago during the Opening Night Live Show: it will arrive on February 18, 2022.

pronounced and Hogwarts Legacy According to the images, both will be released in 2022. However, while Ghostwire: Tokyo and Gran Turismo 7 both are officially slated to also be released in 2022, neither has a release window given. You can see it for yourself in the trailer below:

Just last July, Tango Gameworks delayed Ghostwire: Tokyo until early 2022 so they can avoid crunch and protect the health of the team. In the meantime, Gran Turismo 7 had already been delayed until 2022 due to slower production while the team was developing the game during the coronavirus restrictions. In previous trailers, when release windows don’t show up, it usually means the game is no longer hitting that target. Of course, no official comment has been made by Sony or any of the developers, so we’ll just have to wait to see if the games come out next year.