Tom Cruise could play Green Lantern

It has long been rumored that Tom Cruise will play Green Lantern in a DC Comics movie and now it could come true.

If we review the filmography of Tom cruise It is incredible that he has not yet made the leap to superhero cinema, since he loves action with totally crazy stunts, he does not mind doing sequels and he has also participated in many science fiction stories. So it seems that a movie with characters from Dc comics or Marvel studios it would be perfect for him. Now, it is being rumored intensely that it could be Green Lantern, a character that had its adaptation in live action in 2011 and that is still considered one of the worst films of the genre of the last 10 years.

Currently HBO Max has a series of Green Lantern Corps in process, but that does not mean that they do not make different versions for the cinema and for the streaming platform. So for now they are reactivating negotiations with Tom cruise for what Green Lantern become one of the most shocking superheroes of the next few years. Also, surely your version would be totally different from that of Ryan reynolds, although they both play Hal jordan.

The actor has a very tight schedule.

Tom cruise He is one of the most in-demand actors and has some very interesting projects for the next few years. To start it will premiere Top gun 2 and Mission Impossible 7. He will also make the eighth installment of the spy Ethan hunt and the sequel to On the edge of tomorrow. But above all there is a lot of desire for him to shoot a movie in space, being the first to do so, although he himself has commented that they have not yet resolved the issue of insurance. Finally will do Luna Park which will be about a group of renegades who venture to the moon to steal an energy source.

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