Tom Hardy’s Venom Joined Fortnite Squad Leaked

After massacre joined the Fortnite grid, it makes sense that venom wouldn’t be too far behind, and it just leaked, along with the knowledge that Tom Hardy’s version of Eddie Brock will also be added to the Fortnite schedule.

The news comes from Twitter user InTheShadeYT, who posted the image and claims the announcement will be made in the next two days from Epic, although that remains to be seen. You can see the image for yourself here:

It’s almost a little strange that we see venom and Eddie Brock come after massacre, or even just separately, but the bottom line is that they will all be in it, along with everyone else in the Fortnite universe all mixed and mashed into what is probably the fastest growing multiverse today.

With the announcement coming soon, you can expect to be able to jump into a match relatively quickly as the symbiote, which in itself is very exciting.

Source – [Twitter]