Tom Holland does not avoid the Uncharted box office hit

Although he still has a chance, Tom Holland has not been able to avoid the box office failure of Uncharted, now available in theaters.

The movie of Uncharted It has been released in some countries (not all) around the world and has managed to win first place in all of them. However, it is not all “good news” in that sense. The story starring Tom Holland has obtained in all these countries barely 20 million dollars. A solid collection from a pandemic point of view, but very low for a blockbuster of these characteristics. Not even the main character Spider-Man: No Way Home has been able to stop a blockbuster hit like this. A real pity.

Despite this, in some American media they still maintain faith in the adaptation of Uncharted and in the convening power that Tom Holland has with the general public. As reported dead line, things could end up being “better than expected”. In this sense, the film directed by Reuben Fleischer is currently twelve percent better than Eternals. And also eighteen and twenty-one percent better than Black Widow Y Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, respectively. Therefore, your journey could be much better than it seems at first glance.

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This, as we say, could mean something positive for the film of sony pictures. However, although the criticism has been quite positive, it has not had as much impact in some countries of residual importance for the box office. For example, in the United Kingdom the premiere of Uncharted has netted the Tom Holland film just over $6 million for the entire weekend. Very low and disparate figures that, obviously, should be multiplied by ten in the United States and other markets for the study to see franchise profitability.

In fact, the path of the film of Uncharted in theaters is going to be key for its sequel. The end of the story is a statement of intent, in that sense. The franchise has already “been born”, speaking ill and soon. It would be a shame if something similar happened to what happened with tomb Raiderfrom Alicia Vikander. We had a fun action-adventure movie that unfortunately didn’t work out with the audience and got lost along the way. Let’s hope that the same does not happen with the new Tom Holland saga because his Nathan Drake we quite liked it.