Tom Holland wants to star in another video game saga

Uncharted star Tom Holland wants to take on another video game franchise in the movies. And this would make him very excited.

Before Uncharted hit theaters, Tom Holland has revealed that he would like to adapt another video game franchise from naughty dog. We are talking about the video game Jak and Daxter, something that would be quite an event. the actor of Spider-Man: No Way Home gives life to Nathan Drake in his new project, the beginning of the franchise of Uncharted at the cinema. A video game that is also the work of the Naughty Dog studio, as it is Jak and Daxter. The latter is a platform saga that came to light in 2001 with Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. This was followed by five other installments and three re-releases on later generation consoles. Will it end up appearing in the cinema too?

“It would be a very rare live-action movie,” the actor acknowledged.

Talking with GameSpotTom Holland revealed that the adaptation of “his dreams” that he would like to star in would be Jak and Daxter. He also left some very interesting creative options. The actor who gives life to spider-man in the movies of Marvel Studios explained that he would produce it with A24 to make the movie darker and more unpredictable. The young performer firmly stated that it would be a “live action” film, not an animated film. We leave you the full statements below!

«I would like to make a Jak and Daxter movie. I would play Jak«, assured Tom Holland about it. «But I would do it in studio A24, so it would be very weird and dark. The truth is that it would make a very strange live action movie«. While Uncharted’s marketing aims to capture the spirit of video games, it’s not the only Naughty Dog adaptation on the way. The Last of Us in hbo max will delight all lovers of Joel Y Elliewith Peter Pascal Y Bella Ramsey as protagonists.