Total War: Warhammer III Hotkeys


  • Learn about the various hotkey commands that will help you better control your armies in both Campaign and Combat.
  • Total War: Warhammer III It will be available the same day it launches on PC Game Pass.

Your troops are scattered! The legions of Chaos surround you. It’s a matter of time before the remnants of your army become useless. The only option is that you succumb to the inevitable defeat.

It shouldn’t be that way though…

If only you had the tools to better command your troops on the fly. If you had the opportunity to know how to group your archers and cavalry in a more effective way. Or if you knew which hotkeys would give you better control of your army on the battlefield. Well, you came to the right place.

Here is a series of hotkeys available in Total War: Warhammer III, which will be available the same day it launches on PC Game Pass on February 17. Take a look at them and keep them very well (or print them if you prefer) while you prepare for the next fight between the Kingdom of Chaos and humanity.


Default hotkey hotkey direct access
SHIFT+PERIOD select next
SHIFT+COMMA Select previous
SHIFT+BACK Cancel current selection
F5 standardping
ALT+X Toggle SFX
ALT+M Toggle music
K Toggle UI
ALT+K Toggle UI with borders


Default hotkey hotkey direct access
W,A,S,D pancamera
mouse wheel camera zoom
tab Strategic map toggle
HOME bread to capital
CTRL+S quick save
CTRL+L Quick load
R Toggle character move speed
Mouse Left click on object Select character/army/settlement
Mouse Right-click on terrain/target Issue move/attack order
Mouse Left-click on terrain Cancel selection
Hold SPACE View/toggle campaign overlays
MINUS showfinance
EQUALS clan show
one Show overview
two show garrison
3 Show building browser
4 Show recruitment units
5 Show recruitment agents
SHIFT+RETURN/NUM PAD ENTER End turn (skip warnings)
H End turn notification zoom
CTRL+P Current selection disband
CTRL+S quick save
CTRL+L Quick load
CTRL+T Toggle labels
CTRL+M Auto merge units
END Default camera rotation

Combat – Keyboard

Default hotkey hotkey direct access
W,A,S,D Camera Movement
E,Q Rotate Camera
Insert Unit Camera (Esc to exit)
CTRL+A Select all units
CTRL+1-9 Create unit selection group
1 through 9 Select group
CTRL+G Lock/Unlock group formation
INS Follow unit mode/artillery fire mode
CV Pitch camera up/down
Z/X yaw camera up/down
N zoom in
G Soft group selected units
CTRL+G Hard group selected units
Y openchat
T Cycle next spawn zone
CTRL+B Select all artillery
CTRL+I Select all melee
CTRL+C Select all cavalry
CRTL+M Select all ranged
RETURN deselect all

Combat – Mouse

Default hotkey Shortcut key
Left click on unit Select unit
Left click on terrain Cancel selection
left hold Drag select
Right-click Move / attack unit
double right click Run / charge unit
mouse wheel Camera zoom
Hold mouse wheel free look

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