Trailer for Netflix’s The Adam Project

Netflix presents the trailer for The Adam Project, which will be a science fiction movie with a lot of action and full of great actors.

As we can see in the trailer of the adam projectthe streaming platform Netflix has a shocking new premiere. Since it has all the elements to succeed among its paying subscribers, because to the action and science fiction with time travel we must add the impressive cast led by Ryan Reynolds, Zoë Saldana, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener Y Mark Ruffalo.

Here we leave you the trailer of the adam project:

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What is the movie about?

the adam project shows us how a man travels back in time to the past to meet his younger version. He needs his help to be able to contact his father and thus save humanity from the future.

For Ryan Reynolds It will be one more proof that he can perfectly dominate the genres of action, comedy and science fiction, as he has shown many times throughout his career. It is also a new partnership with Netflix since he has participated in other movies on the streaming platform such as Red alert Y 6 in the shadow. Productions that have in common their high budgets and their large dose of shocking scenes. Who knows if he will meet Mark Ruffalo or Zoë Saldana in some movie Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe since they interpret Bruce Banner / Hulk Y Gamora respectively. While everyone expects Ryan Reynolds return as dead pool.

shawn levy Director of Night in the museum Y FreeGuy is in charge of this film that can be enjoyed on the platform of Netflix starting March 11. Are you looking forward to seeing The Adam Project? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.