Tribes Of Midgard Update 2.02 Fixes PS5 Texture Issues And More

Norsfell games released a Viking flavored batch Tribes of Midgard Update 2.02 Patch Notes for you to take your eyes off which includes a series of fixes including polishing up some texture issues on PS5.

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Read the full Tribes of Midgard Patch Notes below.

General solutions:

  • Fixed an issue where some areas in the Land of Pools had a watery texture
  • Corrected the female VO for the “Midguardians Assemble!” Speech line.
  • Fixed instances of Selkie’s slow debuff that don’t disappear after its duration
  • Fixed instances of the Fossegrim’s Soul-Eater debuff not fading after its duration
  • Muspelheim Maul’s fire trail spell now uses proper VFX as it fades
  • Fenrir now spawns as expected when players try to activate the two Saga Bosses at the same time
  • Prevent a crash that could occur when opening and closing the game quickly
  • PlayStation® only – Fixed an issue that caused the gray transition screen to remain visible and prevent inputs after exiting a village station
  • PlayStation® 5 only – Landing page background bricks now use the correct textures