Two Point Campus available from May

Are you done with hospitals and want to build Universities? Then check out Two Point Campus!

Two Point Campus comes from the same developer as Two Point Hospital, the witty hospital sim from 2018 (2020 on consoles). The game was announced in June 2021, but we heard little about it after that. The Pre-order trailer has finally been released, indicating that the game will be available from May 17th.

Developer Two Point seems to keep the same style in terms of graphics and humor. Instead of designing and maintaining a hospital, you are now doing that for a university campus. The students are of course central to this. So make sure the students get everything they need! Naturally, you will spend a lot of time managing the university itself, from retaining your staff to managing your finances.

If you pre-order the game now, you’ll get some nice extras for both Two Point games. See the screenshot below for more details.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Campus will be released on May 17 on PC, as well as on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. You can now register for the County Passallowing you to get free content and other benefits.