Ubisoft Considers Games For Steam Deck If There Is Enough Demand

Ubisoft sees a nice device in the Steam Deck, but won’t bring games to Valve’s handheld until the “demand after it is high enough”.

CEO Yves Guillemot said this during a meeting with the company’s investors after being asked how he viewed the handheld PC.

“We’re thrilled that Steam Deck is coming to the industry, it shows that there’s a stream of highly innovative new hardware coming to the market”, he told investors .“So we’ll watch and see how big it gets, but when it’s big, we can put our games on it.”

It may sound confusing, given that Ubisoft doesn’t release any games on Steam at all. So it seems that Ubisoft sees the Steam Deck as a separate platform, rather than an extension to Steam.

In fact, Ubisoft has been strongly against Steam in recent years, mainly because Valve 30% of all games sold claims. This has also been one of the reasons the publishers put their games on the Epic Games Store.

It is also remarkable for Ubisoft, which often goes along with new hardware/services. It quickly went on board with Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Perhaps they want to see value for money first.