Ubisoft employees both past and present sign an open letter in solidarity with the developers of Activision Blizzard

As Activision Blizzard employees leave the office today, their commitment and commitment to change inspires others in the industry, more than 500 Ubisoft past and present employees who all signed an open letter in solidarity with those who are running away and advocating for permanent change within their own company.

The news was first reported by the website axios, where those who organized the letter spoke directly with the employees on Activision Blizzard who spoke about their experiences of harassment. “We believe you, we stand next to you and support you”.

After addressing that bee Activision Blizzard, while expressing their support, they turned to the management of Ubisoftclaiming that a year has passed since the allegations first broke out and what seemed an appropriate response at the time turned out to be empty promises and the company’s inability or willful reluctance to remove known violators.

“We watched as you fired only the most public violators. You had the rest resign or worse, you promoted them, moved them from studio to studio, team to team, and gave them a second chance after a second chance with no consequences. This cycle must stop.”

Hopefully this conversation will continue within the industry and we will see more and more developers standing up for their peers to end the kind of harassment that currently plagues the industry.

Source – [Axios]