Ubisoft Employees Support ActiBlizzWalkout, Demand Ubisoft Responsibility

About 500 current and former Ubisoft employees have signed a letter expressing their support and solidarity with those taking part in today’s Activision Blizzard Walkout, while also criticizing Ubisoft for the way it has launched its own string of sexual misconduct allegations. has completed. Intended to show that this problem – and then the movement to solve it – goes far beyond a single company, the letter says that “it’s time to stop being shocked”, demanding that there be “real steps are taken” to prevent such actions.

The letter also calls for industry-wide collaboration between companies like Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard, while providing a seat at the table for those most affected (i.e. “workers in non-management positions and union representatives”). This reflects the sentiments of Activision Blizzard employees who plan to maintain the momentum for change after today’s strike.

The Ubisoft employee letter comes after Ubisoft faced a number of allegations of sexual misconduct in 2020. Criticisms have been raised that the company only removed the most public and prominent abusers, while providing safety nets and second chances to a number of others, which has allowed the problems to persist. Many employees indicate that the corporate culture has not undergone a broad shift as a result.

You can read the full letter below:

In particular, the call for an industry-wide response to issues such as discrimination and harassment comes as: new reports today show that current and former Blizzard employees now in other studios were participants in the “Cosby Suite” outlined as part of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit.

Ubisoft has responded to the letter from employees saying it is taking the issues “very seriously” and saying it recognizes it must “continue to communicate with employees” to address these concerns.

The letter represents employees of 32 studios under Ubisoft.