Ubisoft Files New Splinter Cell Trademark Amid Rumors Of New Entry

Folks at The Game Post spotted a new trademark application for: Splinter Cell that was submitted by Ubisoft last week. This development comes amid rumors that a new entry has been green-lit and is in early production.

Report of a new Splinter Cell first appeared in October following a string of disappointments to fans who saw Ubisoft attempt to bring the series back into mobile and virtual reality form. While the developer declined to comment on the report, it was supported by VentureBeat journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, who revealed that Ubisoft has a “Splinter Cell-style” game in the weeks leading up to E3 2021. Then came the trusted Tom Henderson, who claimed to have heard from his sources that the upcoming Splinter Cell will be some kind of open world game, and will be “a more inconspicuous version of” Assassin’s Creed.”

While we don’t have any official confirmation of anything, the trademark update seems to suggest that Ubisoft is up to something Splinter Cell. We ask our readers to take all the rumors and reports with a grain of salt, but if Ubisoft’s history turns something down, almost all the leaks related to its games turn out to be true and this one seems to be no exception.

[Source: JUSTIA via The Game Post]