Ubisoft pulls their NFT announcement YouTube video after it received over 95% dislikes

Ubisoft and NFTs are generally two things gamers aren’t big fans of right now. Put them together, and it’s no surprise that Ubisoft has now deleted them Ubisoft Quartz announcement video, after it reached more than 22,000 dislikes.

The news comes from the website VGC, who saw that the video had an incredible dislike/like ratio. By unbelievable I mean a big one, and not in the positive direction. As it stands, about 4% of viewers liked the video while 95% dropped a dislike.

Ubisoft probably knew this announcement could be controversial, but it’s unlikely they expected anything like this. If they remove the video, that could mean quite a bit.

It could potentially be the first step to completely roll back the idea, but that’s unlikely. What seems more plausible is either a change in the approach to NFTs in games, or they just don’t talk about it and go ahead with their plan.

Anyway, it looks like NFTs will somehow make their way into video games. The first Ubisoft NFT cosmetic item for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint comes out tomorrow.

Source – [VGC]