UFL has just released its first gameplay trailer as it takes on the challenge of challenging FIFA and eFootball

Not so long ago it would be a shock to everyone FIFA fan that another developer would look to challenge their supremacy in the football game. Now there are two games that want to appropriate both EAs long-running franchise from the top.

UFL is the most recent contender, developed by Strikerz Inc. It’s another free-to-play game, something that was no longer a first after eFootball claimed that honor.

But more than just free to play, Strikerz Inc. worries about making a fair to play game.

You can check out the gameplay reveal trailer for yourself, here:

Football is not the only form of sports games that is in dire need of a refresh, but it is certainly the most popular. year on year, FIFA topping the sales charts around the world, and year after year, fans complain about paying full price for more of the same.

A free-to-play approach that requires a more seasonal approach, while also implementing plenty of new game modes can be just the thing to really pull fans away from EA.

However, after the disappointment that eFootball it can be hard to convince fans, even with gameplay footage, that this is the real deal.

Like everything else, we’ll just have to wait to play it.

Source – [YouTube]