Ultima 40 Surround 5.1-Set Review: A Cinema Sound System

Teufel ULTIMA 40 Surround 5.1 equipment is already available in Spain and we have tested it at Cinemascomics.

Teufel It is a Berlin company that is an expert in sound, which, although it has been in Spain for a short time, where its products are only available online; however, it has more than 40 years of experience in the sector. And among its products is the ULTIMA 40 Surround 5.1-Set, a complete sound system that can (and should) be used to enjoy music, movies, series, video games and television programs in general at home.

In this way, we have tested the ULTIMA 40 Surround 5.1 equipment, a complete system with six pieces, which offers everything that music lovers and moviegoers can ask for to enjoy their favorite songs and movies from the comfort of their home. It includes two streamlined and refined stereo floorstanding speakers, which together with the other speakers, allow you to listen to music and watch movies through a 3-way system and two high-power woofers for high levels and free of distortion. In addition, it incorporates a double tube Bass Reflex aperture for deep and precise bass without flow noise, which achieves a unique and powerful sound.

Specifically, to enjoy a movie night at home as if you were in a movie theater, the equipment has floor-standing speakers as well as a center speaker, a subwoofer and a pair of Ultima 20 speakers, where all together create the ULTIMA 40 Surround 5.1-Set, the jewel in the crown of the Berlin company founded in 1979, being a very profitable product in the comparison between quality and price.

Ultima 40 Surround “5.1-Set” offers a home theater feel with surround sound, also ideal for playing the game console and listening to music from the sofa. From movies with an overwhelming sound section such as Transformers or Blade Runner 2049, to video games where the sound section is vital to find enemies, as in the Call of Duty saga, sound development and precise location help to enjoy to the fullest of the experience, being able to cover without problems sounds as diverse as classical music or light pop to heavy or punk rock. A whole new experience thanks to a balanced and optimized sound, without distortions; and also thanks to its subwoofer, which can even be used with wireless control.

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The sound system includes a Tweeter with phase connector and fine tuning of all components; a powerful subwoofer, which can be used as a front or downfire subwoofer; a 3-way system with two high-power woofers for high levels and free of distortion, a rear speaker and a center speaker, with dual mid-range drivers for better voice intelligibility, a large 25 mm tweeter with connector phase and waveguide for detailed spatial visualization. In addition, the equipment is suitable for any AV receiver, and can be placed on stands, on a shelf, on the wall or on the floor. Thus, the system consists of two UL 20 Mk3 18 Bookshelf loudspeakers, two UL 40 Mk3 / UL 40 Active Mk2 Cloth Frames, two UL 40 Mk3 18 Floorstanding loudspeakers, a T 10 Subwoofer and a UL Center loudspeaker. 40 C Mk3 18, as well as red rubber feet to place the devices on the floor.

When it comes to playing all kinds of movies and video games (especially cinematics), you can enjoy a perfect sound balance, being a worthy successor to the Ultima Mk2 series. The complete equipment is perfectly synchronized and allows the reproduction of a movie in Blu-Ray or in 4K Ultra HD to make you feel like in the seat of the cinema; and, also, locate enemies before in shooters. As a recommendation, despite the fact that the equipment works with any AV receiver, in rooms of more than 20 square meters or if the television will operate at high levels, it is advisable to use AV receivers with at least 120 watts per channel. All this without forgetting that this new sound system will be the nightmare of your neighbors, so it is not advisable to make the most of the volume if you do not have a soundproof room or if it is not installed in a place away from other people. since otherwise they will be disturbed when using it at its peak.

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Nor should we forget the careful design, both interior and exterior, which allows you to enjoy good sound and that the equipment does not clash in the living room. Although, yes, the large complete volume of the devices will surely force a complete redistribution of the room, with the aim of making the most of a highly tested system with quality materials; as may well be the phase plug and the waveguide incorporated in the tweeter; or the phase plug, which serves to avoid cancellations due to phase shifts, which leads to an improvement in the transparency and directional behavior of high frequencies. Added to this is a waveguide for precise localization of individual sound sources and a Kevlar mid-range driver with phase plug, which allows for increased speech intelligibility and especially warm and natural mid-frequencies, expanding the optimal reception space for listeners. Regarding the external design, a finish in black and silver tones is appreciated, which serve to fit in the chromatic range of any living room or room. A timeless and understated design supported by a matte finish and smooth texture, easy to clean and scratch-proof.

The unfavorable points to highlight of this sound system are few, but there are. The main one is the fact that the connection cables are not included in the order, and those recommended by Teufel (Kabel-Set C3535S – Set 5.1 HOMECINEMA CABLE-SET 30QM «ADVANTAGE» C3535S) have a cost of 79.99 euros; To which are added other suitable accessories, since the equipment comes without any cable, being necessary that a cable goes from each speaker to the receiver or amplifier. And in this particular 5.1 system it means that at least 6 cables are required. Therefore, you have to know how to install it completely, although in this sense, the Teufel website does help with an easy assembly guide. Other unfavorable points, just depending on each situation, would be that the instructions only come in English and German; in addition to the large volume of space that the equipment requires and the enormous sound power and vibrations it generates, which can lead to problems in the distribution in the room or frequent complaints from neighbors (it is advisable to have the speakers separated from the wall, when less 50 cms., to avoid excessive vibrations). As we say, these negative points would only affect if they have not been taken into account before the choice of the place for their placement, or if a fluent level of English or German is not available.

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As favorable points we would have a great sound that allows you to hear more sounds than with traditional or simpler systems, an exceptional quality-price comparison, a powerful and clean sound without distortions and a clear, crisp and enveloping cinema sound to enjoy movies in 5.1 Dolby Surround. When listening to music, after the correct calibration of an AVR receiver, the speakers show their true power and balance, with very rich bass and powerful and deep bass; without forgetting a clean and fine treble that is not too intrusive, being able to differentiate the individual instruments with clarity and cleanliness.