Uncharted Sully almost had his own game

When Nathan Drake’s storyline came to a natural end at the end of the year… Uncharted 4, developer Naughty Dog kept wondering what to do with the next game. They considered giving Sully a game of their own but ultimately chose to go with Chloe as the main focus Uncharted: The Lost Legacy instead of.

Choosing a character for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Once Uncharted 4 was complete, the headlines at Naughty Dog wanted to make a sequel. Nathan Drake wouldn’t be fit for a new game, so the team had to look for a new protagonist. As Game Director Shaun Escayg explained: GQ Magazine, they tried to make Nathan’s mentor and sidekick Sullivan the main character, but when they “threw characters together” and “took them apart” to form a duo, they realized he wouldn’t be the best match. Instead, they went with Chloe. escayg said:

I clung to Chloe because she was always this intriguing character. So self-centered, so selfish. You just wanted to know what makes someone like that. And then when we combine that with Nadine – a thief and a mercenary – the disaster just unfolds in your head and you think, “Oh my god, this is such a big conflict.”

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