Unleash your Pac-Passion today at Pac-Man Museum+ with Xbox Game Pass

Visiting arcades as a kid from the 80’s and 90’s was a lot of fun. From 6 player fighting games to racing games, and everything in between. Of course, my good friend Pac-Man was always there to quench my thirst for action in the mazes. Arcades were, and still are, a place where you can discover something so incredibly fun and vividly designed that you won’t want to miss a single pixel of the action. This is exactly what happened when I first discovered pac-mania in 1987.

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My grandfather would sometimes take me to this castle-shaped playroom and give me a few quarters so I could search pac-man either super pac man. But on one visit I discovered something different: pac-mania. With isometric 3D graphics, catchy music and the idea that pac-man now I could jump on the Ghosts, my mind was blown. I spent almost all my quarters on pac-mania that day and it is a find I would return to again and again.

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Pac-Man+ Museum It’s available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and with Xbox Game Pass, and that sense of discovery is part of what makes this collection of Pac-Man games so special. With 14 games from over 40 years of Pac-Man history, it’s the largest collection yet. On top of that, the center of the game is a fully customizable virtual arcade that can be rearranged and decorated with items, statues, wallpapers, and more earned as you play each game.

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As you guide Pac-Man through the arcade, you’re bound to discover Pac-Man games you may not have played mixed in with those you know you enjoy. The virtual arcade audio environment sounds just like a real arcade, with a combination of game sounds and background music creating a delicious soup of Pac-Man sound goodness; this can also be customized with background music tracks that are unlocked as you play.

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Pac-Man+ Museum features a variety of playstyles across all 14 game titles. Of course, you’ll find big variations on the tried-and-true Pac-Man ghost-munching action, like pac and friend Y Pac-Man fixbut there is also the action platform of Pac-in-timepuzzle style like Pac-Attackand intense competitive styles with Pac-Man Championship Edition Y pacman battle royale.

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Arcades are also a place where you can show off your talent by entering your initials after getting the highest score. Pac-Man+ Museum has online leaderboards that give you the chance to brag arcade-style, but on a much larger scale than a single arcade cabinet could offer!

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Pac-Man has been chomping on ghosts and eating fruit for 42 years, and we’re proud to celebrate his legacy with the release of Pac-Man+ Museum with Xbox Game Pass; Ultimate members can play with cloud gaming and touch controls, no driver needed!

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PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ includes 14 titles from the legendary PAC-MAN series! Play a variety of classic and nostalgic PAC-MAN games in many genres! Includes: • PAC-MAN • SUPER PAC-MAN • PAC & PAL • PAC-LAND • PAC-MANIA • PAC-ATTACK • PAC-IN-TIME • PAC-MAN FIX Arcade Ver. • PAC-MAN FIX CS Ver. • PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION • PAC Motorcycles • PAC’N ROLL REMIX • PAC-MAN BATTLE ROYALE • PAC-MAN 256 • Includes 14 legendary PAC-MAN titles Play all 14 legendary titles including classic PAC-MAN and PAC-LAND , as well as the new PAC-IN-TIME and PAC-MAN 256. Whether you love the side-scrolling action of the original PAC-MAN or the puzzle genre, this collection has something for everyone! • Play with friends and family Includes 5 titles that can be played with friends and family in local multiplayer mode! There are even games for two players to take turns, so everyone can enjoy PAC-MAN together! • Customize your own game room Collect items every time you play and customize your own game room with them!