Unlock creator-inspired items with F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 4


  • Each creator inspired car, helmet, suit, and glove skin that you can find and unlock in the free Podium Pass tier.
  • Get VIP access with PitCoin and enjoy some amazing bonus items.
  • You have 8 weeks to get all three creator sets.

This week we launch Podium Pass Series 4 of F1 2021, which contains 30 free categories of customization items. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico). Last time we featured designs created by two of your favorite F1 drivers. In Series 4, we have something that’s just as special: customization items inspired by some of your favorite creators.

We work with creators Aarava, Terroriser and Pieface to turn their inspirations into items you can take to the track. Each creator has a car skin, helmet, suit, and gloves that you can find and unlock in the free Podium Pass tier.

From Aarava’s love for Jenson Button, to Terroriser’s Irish roots and Pieface’s famous catchphrases, each outfit is inspired by the passions of its creators. Here’s how to unlock the items in the F1 2021 Podium Pass.

Podium Pass

Earn XP as you play and progress through levels with cool items like car skins, helmets, suits, and victory radius calls. But that’s not all, because if you want to enhance your appearances even more, you can buy the VIP access with PitCoin, the in-game currency, to enjoy amazing additional items, or go to the item shop and buy that skin/costume/ gloves that you like so much.

Earn XP

All you need to make your way through all 30 Podium Pass tiers is play. No matter which mode you enjoy playing the most, whether it’s Breaking Point, My Team, Grand Prix, or Multiplayer, you’ll be able to earn XP and race through levels in no time. If you need a little boost throughout this eight-week series, complete the Podium Pass challenges to get one step ahead.

Take advantage of the 8 weeks to get the sets of all three creators!

See you at the track!