Úrsula Corberó got tired of acting?

Úrsula Corberó is in her best working moment. However, the actress assured that she is exhausted. Did you get tired of the performance or of another particular event?

After being part of The Money Heist, Úrsula Corberó began to receive great roles and job opportunities. In this way, the actress joined the cast of the film Snake Eyes, which became her great Hollywood debut. Without a doubt, the interpreter is growing acting and is going through her best working moment.

In Snake Eyes, Úrsula Corberó plays the Baroness, a villain who became one of her best roles and who also required a lot of work. Since to put herself in the shoes of this character, the actress had to do a hard training. However, the interpreter managed to carry out this new challenge and is happy with the result.

She’s tired

During a recent interview, Úrsula Corberó revealed that she is a little tired of the action, since she is exhausted. For this reason, she would prefer to be summoned for a comedy or something lighter and quieter. “Right now I’m fine, I’ve had enough action, I’m up for a comedy or romantic comedy, I call from here. I’m for something a little lighter, to let my little body rest a bit “, he claimed.

Although Tokyo is also part of a project focused on action and drama, the Baroness of Snake Eyes ended up completely exhausting the actress. For this reason, he believes it is appropriate to let these projects pass and focus on something that does not generate so much physical demand.

“The training for ‘Snake Eyes’ has been very strong. I thought that with ‘La Casa de Papel’ I had trained enough … but no. I had a really bad time the first two weeks, my body hurt a lot. I couldn’t even move. But it is true that afterwards it is very gratifying when you see that little by little you are improving and you feel that you are ready to shoot the scene ”, revealed Úrsula Corberó.