Venom 3 will feature Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield’s return as Spider-Man would take place in Venom 3, the third installment of Tom Hardy’s symbiote.

The arachnid universe could do a 180 degree turn! As reported on social networks through MCU Updatesthe spider-man from Andrew Garfield will appear in Venom 3 and will be the antagonist of the symbiote of Tom Hardy. Thus, after reappearing in the spectacular No Way Home and publicly acknowledge his interest in recovering the suit… We would once again have the protagonist of the saga of TAS with a new installment in which he would fight against the alien in the black suit!

Obviously, there is no official confirmation about it. We should take this information as just that, an unconfirmed rumour. A remote possibility that it could happen. It adds to the rumors that this arachnid iteration will also appear in Morbius. And that’s why they delayed the movie Jared Letoto include the actor in a scene/cameo that confirms his existence in that microverse of the Spiderman.

The franchise of the symbiote has been a success among the public

There are no official details about Venom 3. In fact, we don’t even know if sony pictures will decide to make a third installment of Tom Hardy’s symbiote adventures. The numbers indicate that yes, because the first two parts were a real box office success. If we had Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man we could talk about an unprecedented blockbuster for this franchise.

In particular, we would be very excited to have the actor back with a kind of TAS 3 at the same time as the end of the trilogy of both sagas. His return in No Way Home It filled us with pride and emotion. She gave us goosebumps. Having the actor face off against Tom Hardy and his symbiote could be a tremendous thing. We bought the idea. Hopefully it will happen.