Voice actor announces new GTA role, fans think it’s for GTA 6

Voice actor Dave Jackson caused a stir by announcing on his Facebook page that he has a new Grand Theft Auto Character: Police Chief Captain McClane. The reveal took fans by surprise and many rushed to assume Jackson is talking about it GTA 6, but his follow-up comments suggest that Captain McClane is an up and coming character in GTA Online instead of a new entry.

Jackson wrote (literally):

So… I just heard from the producers that it’s official; I will play the role of Police Chief CAPTAIN McCLANE in the new Grand Theft Auto series. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I didn’t really have the time! haha! Yes… one day I WILL take a nap! I know! I JUST KNOW!! haha! Seriously, it’s a privilege to work with such a professional and fun group of people. If you are a gamer, stay tuned….

After being hounded by players and press, he followed up with this statement:

I was BOMBED by video game magazine reporters and editors looking for a scoop. I couldn’t believe how much attention I got from that post. It’s like; “Calm down, boys!” Darling! I will say this; the producers said I could distribute it, and there will be a new trailer soon! So look that up!

For starters, it’s unlikely that Rockstar Games would GTA 6 slipping away like this, even though we know a new game is in the works. Second, since we’ve heard from trusted insiders that a new GTA is far, far away from release, the “new trailer” that Jackson refers to is more than likely for GTA Online.

We could be wrong of course, but we recommend keeping expectations in check. We will keep our readers updated when the trailer is released.

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