Volume 10: Saw Arrives at Dead by Daylight Archives

Hello! Did you know that we have great surprises for you? From an exciting new Archive Tome to a rewarding in-game event, you better get ready to take on some Trials!

The Archives – Volume 10: Saw

Explore Volume 10: Saw, available now from The Archives. Discover three new stories from the world of Dead by Daylight, including never-before-seen pages from “Book of Saw.” Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico). Take a look at the following trailer:

Witness how a twisted Jigsaw apprentice is tempted by a dark epiphany. A determined detective must make the most important decision of his life. The Watcher is watched as malevolent forces converge. A Tome as brutal and unforgiving as The Pig’s Reverse Bear Trap is waiting to be discovered. Do you want to be part of this game?

As you uncover the mysteries of the Tome, you’ll make your way through the Rift and receive exclusive Saw items and outfits, including the Book of Saw Collection for The Pig and David. And if you’re feeling hungry for more, Premium Track offers 70 levels of unlockable rewards, worth over 20,000 Auric Cells (in-game currency).

Lastly, don’t miss out on the 50% discount on Auric Cells for the characters David Tapp and The Pig, which runs from January 26 (11:00 AM) to February 2 (11:00 AM ET, check your schedule). local).

Lurking Stripes Lunar New Year Event

The new installment of Archives will not be the only content you can enjoy. Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with the in-game Lunar New Year event called Lurking Stripes, running from January 25 (2:00 PM) to February 8 (2:00 PM ET, check your local time) . In addition to a themed lobby and in-game accessories, this event features themed rewards that can be earned during this in-game event.

You’ll also be able to get a new outfit for Yui Kimura, now available as part of the Lurking Stripes Collection. Lastly, don’t miss out on the Lunar New Year Past Edition Outfit Sale in the in-game store!

That is all for now! We really enjoyed working on the new Archive Tome as well as the new event. We hope to see you in the game! Thanks to the Lunar New Year Sale currently available, you can enjoy a 30% discount on the edition Ultimate and 20% off both the Survivor and Killer expansion packs. See you in the game!